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How do we remove the thin plastic Toilet Seat so we can put a better one on?

Hi There, we had a plumber install new elongated Glacier Bay Toilets and they came with Thin, Plastic Toilet Seats+Covers so we purchased padded heavy duty seats+Covers to put on but my husband said he can't figure out how to get the Plastic one's off...Forgive such a stupid question but we could sure use assistance...How do you get the Plastic Seats off? THANK YOU, Dave and Margie Stadt


Toilet Tank Replacement

I have a crack in my GB Toilet tank #331-725. I don't want to go to the hassle or cost of replacing everything where can I get just a tank replacement?


dual flush toilet tank removal

I have a 2 piece dual flush toilet that is about 12 years old and is not working properly so I need to get the tank lid off to see what is happening underneath. I watched numerous videos to see how to do this and I am able to remove the buttons on the top but cannot see a screw under the buttons as suggested in the video.

Please advise how to get the tank lid off this 12 year old glacier bay toilet. Also, the spring is broken on one of my buttons so I went to home depot where the toilet was purchased just to find out that they don't sell parts for those toilets so where do I get them?

Please advise as soon as possible. Thanks, Kelly Arnason


replacement for toilet tank lid

We need to replace a broken toilet tank lid on a glacier bay toilet purchased approximately 5-6 years ago. We are not finding them in the Home Depo store I can provide photos and measurements. Please have someone contact us.


Wall mount faucet 555913

I bought a wall mount faucet and it is leaking, Home Depot don't have the replacement valves, where can I find them


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